Smart Energy Mapping

Map, validate & measure green energy investment.
Transform energy data into actionable insights.

NRGhub for business provides a powerful online portal to analyse historic and real-time data in order to map the impact of renewable technologies to your energy profile, before making a commitment to capital expenditure. Create and validate the case for diversifying your energy profile; implement local energy generating and saving technologies in order to reduce costs and carbon output.

Smart Energy Mapping

Smart Energy Mapping

Transform energy data into actionable insights, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and reinvent energy profiles to generate financial returns.

Create and validate opportunities for green energy investment within your organisation by mapping the impact of clean technologies to ever evolving energy profiles.

Validate & Verify

  • Understand half-hourly settlement costs and the impact of transmission fees to your business.
  • Which technologies to utilise? Map renewables to best suit your energy profile. What effect will they have on your carbon footprint?
  • How much money can you save? What if the energy consumption profile of your business changes?
  • Should you invest in batteries and solar?

Measure & Report

  • Track and measure energy & carbon savings to your business in real time.
  • Satisfy energy audits and showcase your green credentials within the supply chain.
  • Optimise the energy utilisation of renewable and energy saving assets. Can you further reduce energy costs to your business?
  • Measure a portfolio of assets and sites from one single platform.
Load Shifting & Peak Shaving

Load Shifting & Peak Shaving

Reinvent your company's energy profile by implementing local energy generating and saving technologies, reducing demand for energy during peak operational hours and shifting energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices.

Real-time Mapping

Guarantee optimal utilisation of technologies as your business energy profile evolves by monitoring and mapping existing assets in real-time.

Automated analysis ensures cases for new generation and energy saving assets are made as they become viable and new technologies considered as they reach the market.

Track, monitor and report the carbon and financial savings delivered to your business in real-time via the NRGhub and fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Maintenance & Insurance

Bespoke maintenance and insurance packages from NRGbase guarantee the highest degree of uptime and performance of your assets. By utilising autonomous performance tracking and benchmarking we deliver a reactive maintenance service in conjunction with a specialised insurance policy to protect your business from any potential loss of revenue.

Real-time monitoring provides powerful data required to validate any loses in the event of a warranty or insurance claim.