Asset Management

Autonomous asset management.
Benchmarking & performance optimisation.

Autonomous performance tracking and asset benchmarking via the NRGhub guarantees the highest degree of uptime and performance of renewable generating and energy saving assets. By tracking live data from energy assets across the country we deliver a performance benchmarking service that makes it easy to identify under-performing systems. Reactive maintenance guarantees that any issues will be addressed as soon as they occur.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Manage multiple sites and asset types from a single platform:

  • Asset performance benchmarking.
  • Guarantee upmost uptime and performance of assets.
  • Monitor, manage and report real-time performance data.
  • Reactive maintenance and loss of revenue insurance service.
  • Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) services.
  • Autonomous management - when is the best time to produce, charge or discharge power?

Remote Meter Reading

Our Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) services provide the perfect solution for the management and collection of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments. Dual tariff metering documents exactly how much energy is being generated, consumed on-site, and exported, making for comprehensive Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) management.

Autonomous Optimisation

Guarantee assets are performing to their optimum by empowering real-time energy mapping and optimisation. Autonomous deployment enhances asset utilisation to meet the demand of your energy profile by making informed decision as to the best time to produce, charge or discharge power.