• Energy Mapping

    Energy Mapping

    Transform energy data into actionable insights by mapping the impact of clean technologies against the consumption demand profile of your organisation.

  • Validate


    Create business cases for diversifying energy profiles towards green alternatives and make informed decisions with powerful historic and forward looking analysis.

  • Harness


    Reinvent your company's energy profile by implementing clean measures that generate, store & save energy. Efficiently reducing reliance upon grid fed electricity, saving money and mitigating carbon risk.

  • Report


    Track and measure energy savings harnessed by your business in real-time via an intuitive interface. Satisfy energy audits and showcase your green credentials within the supply chain.

  • NRGhub


    Guarantee optimal utilisation of technologies with real-time autonomous mapping. Build cases for up-scaling and implementing further energy measures to ever-evolving business profiles.

  • Energy Saving Technologies
  • Energy Saving Technologies

    Generate and harness clean renewable energy; implement energy saving technologies to save money and reduce carbon output.

    Utilise battery storage solutions to shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices during peak operational hours.

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  • Smart Energy Mapping
  • Smart Energy Mapping

    Map the impact of renewable technologies to your energy profile with powerful historic and forward looking analysis.

    Our technology empowers organisations to understand and exploit opportunities to harness clean, localised energy sources.

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  • Asset Management
  • Asset Management

    Autonomous management, performance tracking and asset benchmarking guarantees the highest degree of uptime and performance of assets.

    Real-time mapping of live assets guarantees optimal utilisation to ever-evolving business energy profiles.

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